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Our Promise

is to provide families with PURE water for a healthier living.

We are a water technology company based out of El Paso, Texas and Puronics© authorized dealers. We are proud serve the community and we are also honored to be a center of information about our local water supply. If you have any questions, please reach out to us and we will be more than happy to guide you on your path to clean water.

Our Mission

is to help people and prevent any issues with the water they use.

We help protect families from contaminants found in municipal water sources and give people access to reverse osmosis systems and water softeners that allow them to easily Purify water at home or work.

Our Water Filters Are Certified

Our water softeners have been tested to work as advertised. Not every water treatment softener can claim that. We take great pride in offering whole home water softeners created by Puronics® because they have been tested and certified by the EPA and WQA. Puronics® is a Diamond Certified Company they are rated highest in quality and helpful expertise. When you get a system from us you can rest assured that you are getting a quality product.

When you purchase a whole home water softener from us you can rest assured that you will not have to purchase another, Puronics® offers a lifetime guarantee on the water softeners we sell. With over 70 years, you can rest assured that your investment is protected. Workmanship is essential when installing any system, we make this a possibility by only working with certified and bonded plumbers.

Commercial Users of our Products

Whole Home Water Softeners

The Puronics® whole home water softeners we offer use SilverShield® Protection technology, a NASA technology used to inhibit bacterial growth. The water softeners we offer utilize an advanced valve technology called iGen®.; The valve is so smart that it will monitor your water to optimize water quality and operating efficiency.

Real Results, Guaranteed

Our products are FDA approved and backed by real science

Hec Lowas

Google Review

"Jesse and Becca were very professional, friendly, and attentive to all of our needs and concerns. I am a perfectionist and picky when having any additions or installations in my new home. Jesse and Becca far exceeded my expectations. Jesse has experienced master plumbers doing installations to verify the work gets done correctly from the beginning."

Real people with life-changing results

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Google Review

"We had the system installed in our office and the water taste amazing, the customer services was the best . After having the system installed in my business I decided to install it in my home as well, best decision ever it makes a big difference in my children drinking water because they love the way it taste and I'm so happy with how my skin and hair feels and the laundry is much brighter since I started using this water system."

Common Water Problems

Do you know what’s in your drinking water? If you have ever noticed your water making your skin dry, leaving spots on your dishes, appearing cloudy, or tasting bad, then it is time to learn more about your water!

Better Water

Puronics® delivers years of reliable, cost-effective performance. Our Drinking Water Systems provide healthy benefits and provide solutions for problems such as; Chlorine, Chloramine, Iron and more.

For Businesses

Whether you are a commercial or industrial client, you can trust Puronics to provide fully integrated water treatment solutions for managing your most important liquid asset.